23.07.2011 - castlebuilder 3
build your own castle! you can choose between various bricks, roofs, rocks,
trees, palms, canons, knights, horses... select your landscape before you play
landscapes: grassland, island, desert, snow and hell... so have fun!
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18.02.2009 - mazeland - the beginning
this is the first game of an new serial of games i will release this year.
in mazeland you have to find a way through 3 mazes. the objective is to
the exit. it's not really hard, but a nice timewaster ;)
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01.01.2009 - castlebuilder winter edition
this is a modification of my castlebuilder game. everythink is quite the same
like in castlebuilder 2 but here everything is snow white
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08.10.2008 - jimmy halloween dress up
jimmy don't now what he should wear on the halloween party soon.
can you help him in finding a new costume? -->
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08.05.2008 - castlebuilder II
this is a remake of my game castlebuilder, but it's better :)
here you can build your new and better own castle -->
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17.04.2008 - pixelbots
you select from 4 components (head, body, arms, legs)
to create your own cool pixelrobot
you have thousands of combination facilities so play it :) -->
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26.01.2008 - my mini world
create a litte planet with a little perfect world.
choose one of the four season's and start to play.
Not a classic drag'n'drop game, but I hope you like it.
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03.10.2007 - my moonbase
making this games brought much fun to me. i loved to draw the parts of
rockets and moduls for the moon houses and more. i hope you also have fun
while playing
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04.09.2007 - robotdesigner
i love painting robots, so i created this game
here you need no painting skills to construct a great robot -->
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25.07.2007 - pirate ship creator
another drag-drop-game
here you can create your own pirateship have fun with it haarrrrrrr -->
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29.06.2007 - castlebuilder
my first drag-and-drop-game
here you can build your own castle -->
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