And there it is! I never thought that i will make a new castlebuilder again.
But then... never mind. Here is the new castlebuilder. Number 3!
So have fun again, playing the new castlebuilder
castlebuilder 3
today i closed my forum. it was not as successful as expected.
for critics or feedback you can still use my contact form.
killertoaster board
Here is a new game. this time it's not a drag & drop or customizing game,
this time it's something really new. thi game is called mazeland -
the beginning. in will be the first game of a serial of some mazes.
the objective of the game is very simple - find a way out of the labyrinth :D
is there a new year, is there a new castlebuilder. but this time it's not really
new, so i don't called it castlebuilder III. This time its a winter edition based
on castlebuilder II. so have a look into games and try it.
i have created a new game now. this time i can present you my first real
dress up game. i think most of you will like it because it is about halloween,
and who don't likes halloween? ;)
look into games to play a bit.